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facts of life  

Choices is something we as ppl
Has to learn to live with
After we make them (facts of life)
I made one which is hurting me 
From within.. isolate myself from
My family.. only to find out ..that can only bring pain and stress to ones well bean..
I feel sick inside ,sorry..
No man is and island.

I try to do what wasn't ment to be
Live a selfish life ..
 mama told me as a child
Not to let my pain lead my way
(I did ) now I'm hurt because of it ..
I made selfish choices .. 
Which in my mind was right
At that moment in time ..
Can't be because family is life
I miss mind and sometimes
Make bad decisions and choices
Which out having love ones close
In which you can talk to face to face..

The blame is on me
For letting my pain lead 
My way for so long